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You might have guessed from some of my reviews that I’m a big fan of the Kickstarter movement. Of course, it’s not a shop, it’s not for everyone, some of the products never make it to reality, some of the promises don’t get lived up to – but all in all, I think it’s an amazing way for people to get their ideas out into the world as real products.

Here’s one that I’m really quite excited about:

More from the project’s creator – why not jump on in over at

An Arduino compatible shield with sample sketches for doing audio effects and audio synthesis. Custom, Real-Time Audio Effects with the Arduino. Create a unique sound, all your own. A great tool for the exploration of new sounds and signal processing. Have an original educational experience. Full source code will be released to all backers.

The shield has:

  • line-level audio input
  • line-level audio output
  • a programmable control pot
  • MCP4921 12 bit  DAC
  • 4.5 us settling time
  • over 200khz sample rates possible
  • simplified API
  • Just call DACWrite(sample)
  • No complex timers
  • No pulse width modulation
  • Hi-Fi, High Speed duplex communication
  • 73 db SNR DAC
  • Full interactivity with the host computer via high-speed serial
  • RAM DAC Software Synthesizer (

Sample sketches include:

  • 1. Audio oscillator (stable, and precise function generation)
  • 2. Echo
  • 3. Reverb
  • 4. Ring Modulation (sound like a Dalek!)
  • 5. Shifting Ring Modulation
  • 6. Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • 7. Oscilloscope (instructable on the oscope is available here:


Hopefully the project gets funded, and I can bring you a review of one as soon as they ship. In the meantime, let me know if you know of any other interesting Arduino-based signal generator projects.

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