Culture Shock, live at the Croc

Here they come, that motley crew of ska misfits from south-west England with a slew of toe-tapping, head-bouncing, thought-provoking tunes guaranteed to get even the gnarliest grand-dad out of his chair and skanking like a good ‘un.  Yes, it’s Culture Shock, live at the Croc in downtown Seattle. Co-headlining an Alternative Tentacles tour with label mates “The World/ Friendship Society” I miss out on whoever the opening band is because I’m sipping on an ale in Shorty’s. Ah well. Here’s the main event!

Culture Shock
Culture Shock on stage

Unfortunately I lost my set-list, not that it was all that good in the first place as I was having too good a time enjoying the music to keep it updated – standouts there were a-plenty, with new track Mindwash and old favourites Civilisation Street, Circles, United, and Messed Up getting the crowd grooving. The highlight of the night for me at least is Four Minute Warning, a towering slab of rage-driven polemic that brings heady memories of 80s protests and nuclear nightmares roaring back to life, a spine-tingling reminder of how music can both take you back to a specific time and be monumentally relevant today.


Culture Shock Online

If after all that, you’re intrigued enough to try find more – beware: there are several different bands around called “Culture Shock”, and most of the music on Spotify is by the others. For a taster, check out the classic “Travelers Aid Trust” album, a classic of late-80’s UK crusty culture. Good times.

Here’s someone’s video from a gig shortly after they reformed in 2013, no offence it’s not the best camerawork but it captures the spirit and energy of a Culture Shock gig spectacularly well. Enjoy!

And finally, go check out their site – a blend of Subhumans, Citizen Fish and Culture Shock – untangle that if you can.

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